Championing the Inner Critic

We all have that little critical voice telling us we are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, experienced enough, thin enough, etc. You can fill in the blank of “not enough” with almost anything.

And even worse, some of us just plainly feel, as we are not enough. This little voice frequently lives ubiquitously in our mind. We are not aware of the damage to our well being caused by this inner critic.

We are all products of our past but we do not need to remain victims to it. This little critic developed a longtime ago beginning with the first time we were told something negative about ourselves, the times we did not receive the love, affection, attention we needed as a child or worse the times we may have experienced a serious adverse experience. This little critic lives in us all. No one leaves childhood unscathed, but the good news is that you can make friends with this little guy and show him another way. You can even have a good sit down conversation with this little critic and let him/her know you hear him/her and that you also know you possess what it takes to get that promotion, make that speech, apply to graduate school, open that business, find a great partner, etc. Make friends with the little critic, you hear them and you also know you are more than he/she gives you credit for. No need to fight with him/her. Just accept the thought, let it come to your consciousness, let it slip away without judgment, and lastly let her/him know that yes you can, out loud if necessary! We cannot control the outcome of our lives. We can only take the daily steps necessary to get to where we want to be by just taking one step at a time each day. The little critic lives there with free reign because we are in the dark about all our gifts and talents. We need to wake up to all we are and connect with all of our parts, but most importantly we need to remind ourselves daily that we are enough just the way we are and that we possess the skills necessary to be the steward of our precious life. We can champion our inner critic by accepting he/she exists and knowing that although it exists it does not need to steer the ship that is our life. I will make friends with you little critic and I will also introduce you to the other entire brave, smart, capable, loving parts of myself. Is there an area you are struggling with? What is the role of the little critic in this struggle? When did you first feel this way? The answers to these questions can help you focus on some areas for healing and growth. Remember to keep breathing, loving yourself, and moving forward with hope and joy!

Dr. Rodriguez